Unique 1.6 cu/ft Portable Solar AC/DC Powered Fridge/Freezer – 45 L




This compact AC/DC powered fridge/freezer is versatile, whether used in your vehicle at camp, cottage or your home. It keeps your food fresh and your energy consumption low (world’s most reliable DC cooling system – Danfoss/Secop compressor). The individual compartment is temperature controlled via the digital control panel or Bluetooth technology – can operate as a fridge or a freezer. It is ruggedly constructed for off-grid life (deep cycle marine battery required for off-grid use). All connections, AC/DC converter included.

Operation: 110V/12V/24V

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Unique (Off-Grid Appliances)


  • Danfoss/ Secop compressor – the world’s leading DC compressor
  • Operates on DC or AC power (3 stages for battery protection)
  • Chest-style fridge/freezer for high efficiency while using low energy consumption
  • Free optional Bluetooth enabled APP for use from your iPhone / Android device
  • Rugged side handles (portable)
  • Includes all connectors
  • 1 USB port – 5V 2.1A
  • Thermostat
  • Protective insulated bag sold separately


  • Total size: 1.6 cu/ft – 45L
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 20.35” X 14.4” X 25.4″
  • Basket 1 (H x W x D): 6.68” X 8.69” X 5.69”
  • Basket 2 (H x W x D): 10.38” X 8.64” X 10.34”
  • Weight: 47.4 lbs / 21.5 kg
  • Operation: DC power, 110V / 12V / 24V
  • Freezer Total Watt HR Draw: 410 Wh/24 hrs (set to -12˚C/10.4˚F performance in +25 ˚C ambient)
  • Freezer Total Amp HR Draw: 17.42 Ah/24 hrs (set to -12˚C/10.4˚F performance in +25 ˚C ambient)
  • Fridge Total Watt HR Draw: 170 Wh/24 hrs (set to +3˚C/37.4˚F performance in +25 ˚C ambient)
  • Fridge Total Amp HR Draw: 6.05 Ah/24 hrs (set to +3˚C/37.4˚F performance in +25 ˚C ambient)
  • Temperature Range: -22˚C/-7.6˚F to +20˚C/68˚F (in ambient temperature between +1˚C/34˚F to +43˚C/109˚F)
  • Connections: Car DC connector, battery gator clips and AC/DC converter included
  • Power consumption: 37W
  • Average Run Current: 3.1A on 12V DC

Model Number:

  • UGP-45L1 W

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